DolphinCS "Shoot Em’ Up" #2 Qualifier Phase #1


DolphinCS “Shoot Em’ Up” #2 Qualifier Phase #1


This is the first qualifier for upcoming DolphinCS “Shoot Em’ Up” #2 league. Qualifiers will fall into 2 stages with maximum of 64 teams. Top2 teams from each qualifier will advance to the main event DolphinCS “Shoot Em’ Up” #2 which is 1200.00€.

You will have a chance to face teams from around the Europe which includes 6 teams that has been directly invited to the league.

Participation fee is only 10.00€ and all European countries are welcome.

Video below shows how to create a clan and challenge other teams. This will be used for all of our upcoming tournaments and leagues.

Invited teams:

  1. ENSO – (def, Flarich, Elian, nsww, novel) – (Ukraine)
  2. VWS GAMING – (kAliNkA, Kvik, TORAS, pounh, lukjjE) – (Lithuania)
  3. Binary Dragons. Gold  – (ImP, fAst, mds, kridQl, MistikyM) – (CIS)
  4. Paranoia Esports – (Bubbis, Teksi, Makko, t0Ge, Miksu) – (Finland)
  5. Outlaws – (Partodis, CeRq, SPELLAN, Rock1nG, acl) – (Bulgaria)
  6. Dark Passage – (woxic, SasuKe, Maiko, Calyx, Mini, gAndhi) – (Turkey)

Qualifier Structure


Tournament information:



  • Registration cost 10.00€ per team.
  • You can have 1 stand-in.



Teams, Players, Brackets, Schedule, etc: 





  • All players must to have EAC enabled otherwise they won’t be able to connect to our servers.
  • Visit – (Don’t mind the comments from my personal experience I can say that EAC is one of the most solid anticheat clients ever created).
  • When you install EAC eSports you need to choose DolphinCS. Go onto Lithuania flag lithuania and choose DolphinCS.


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