LATEST Weekly Cup #9


Welcome to Weekly Cups Open! #9

  • Every week (day will be confirmed) we will host a cup with maximum of 32 teams
  • Games will be played within the website (create a clan & challenge others clans, you can have clan/mix teams as many as you want)
  • Game servers will be assigned by us
  • Weekly prizes from 30.00€ to 50.00€

Create clans & other stuff

Tournament Information:

  • Tournament format: Single elimination, Final BO3;
  • Map pool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_train, de_cache, de_overpass, de_cobble;
  • Admins: Aldas “@jguys” Paulauskas
  • Prizes: 1st – 50.00€ (32 Teams) / 30.00€ (16 Teams)
  • Countries allowed: Europe
  • Servers & FGH.EU (128tick, eBot, EasyAntiCheat)
  • Max teams 32; minimum 16 teams;
  • Rules: Tournament Rules
  • Stream:


  • Registration starts: 09.09.2016 (OPEN)
  • Registration closes: 24.09.2016 – 12:00 (London UK)
  • CUP starts: 24.09.2016 (13:00 (London UK)
  • CUP ends: 24.09.2016
  • Registration fee: FREE
  • Register for the tournament:

  • All players must to have EAC enabled otherwise they won’t be able to connect to our servers.
  • Visit – (Don’t mind the comments from my personal experience I can say that EAC is one of the most solid anticheat clients ever created).
  • When you install EAC eSports you need to choose DolphinCS. Go onto Lithuania and choose DolphinCS.

Important: Players who got VAC (Valve-Anti Cheat) ban in the last 2 years, can not participate in our tournaments. Trying to hide your VAC ban and trying to participate in our tournaments with other steam accounts will result in permanent ban from all our present and future events. The player and the team will be disqualified immediately in any stage of the tournament.

Registered Teams, Brackets, Players, Schedule, etc: 

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    Sep 23, 2016 @ 15:58 pm

    Hiya, I want to make a change into Team CopycatZ roster as one player will not be able to attend this tournament. I don’t know where to do so.

  • img
    Sep 26, 2016 @ 20:23 pm

    Next time contact live support for faster response 🙂

  • img
    Oct 3, 2016 @ 14:25 pm

    Was cool, but my isp is shite so I was lagging.

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