LATEST – “Weekly CSGO Shootout #4”

Eddie – “Weekly CSGO Shootout #4” – “Weekly CSGO Shootout #4”

“Weekly CSGO Shootout #3” winners are:

  1. NGU.White [LV] (yalld, attomic, Gekons, Captain Perfect, Akward)
  2. inzien [LV] (opaopaofc, Millen, PaperPlane, raw, ZhabeY)

These 2 teams have been directly invited to the: – “Shoot Em’ Up” CS:GO Baltic Tournament.

Participate in our “Weekly Shootout” tournaments and advance to the monthly event with 500.00€ prize pool!


“Weekly CSGO Shootout #4 Tournament Information”



  • Registration starts: 8.11.2015 (CLOSED
  • Registration closes: 14.11.15 – 08:00 (BST)
  • Check-in: 14.11.15 (All morning @ Steam Group Chat) (Teams who already paid are automatically checked-in).
  • CUP starts: 14.11.15 (13:00 London time(BST))
  • Registration fee: 5.00€
  • Register for the tournament:
  • Pay for the tournament:


Tournament Information:

  • Tournament format: Single elimination (3-4th Place decider bo3 & Final bo3)
  • Map pool: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_train, de_cache, de_overpass, de_cobble;
  • Admins: – Ed
  • Prizes: 1st – 10.00€
  • Countries allowed: Europe
  • Servers DolphinCS (128tick, eBot, EasyAntiCheat).
  • Max teams 32; minimum 2 teams
  • RULESTournament Rules
  • TOP 2 Teams will advance to our monthly “Shoot Em’ Up” Tournament
  • Invited teams are eligible to participate in all of our tournaments regardless of tournament geographical restriction.



  • All players must to have EAC enabled otherwise they won’t be able to connect to our servers.
  • Visit – (Don’t mind the comments from my personal experience I can say that EAC is one of the most solid anticheat clients ever created).
  • When you install EAC eSports you need to choose DolphinCS. Go onto Lithuania and choose DolphinCS.


Registered Teams, Brackets, Players, Schedule, etc:

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